The 10 Best Vishal Movies That Proves He is a Superstar in Tamil Cinema

Vishal MoviesVishal Krishna is and ultimate talented movie actor and producer who is much famous in Tamil movie industry (Kollywood). Most of Vishal movies consider as action based masala dramas which got great success in commercially. He is coming from a family background related to cinema and his father is a famous south Indian movie producer G.K Reddy. Vishal enters into the south Indian cinema by the movie called Chellamae and the movie became a huge hit. After the success of Chellam movie, he performed several movies such as Sandakozhi, Dishyum, Thimiru, and Sivapathigaram which made him a solid actor in Tamil cinema.He is a multitalented actor and most of the Vishal movies are become a huge success in commercially.  He is one of the tallest actors in Tamil cinema who is much famous for action performance. Below are several successful Vishal movies which create himself as a successful actor in Tamil cinema.

Top 10 Best Vishal Movies of His Cinema Career

1. Chellamae (2004)

Chellamae is the debut movie of Vishal’s cinema career and he performed this movie with Reema Sen and Bharath. The movie is a psychological thriller which directed by Gandhi Krishna. He performed the character of an income tax officer who falls in love with a girl Mythili (Reema Sen).  Viswa (Bharath) is a neighbor of Mythili and he got a crush on her. The movie creates a luck for Vishal cinema career prove that he can act.


2. Sandakozhi (2005)

Sandakozhi is an another Vishal movies which was written and directed by famous Tamil movie director N.Linguswamy. The movie is about a young boy of a respectable gangster father who avoids getting into the become a criminal. However, his destiny makes him stronger and prove that He is much capable of maintaining their family respects. The movie proves that he got great ability to perform action sequences with the great sense of humor.


3. Thimiru (2006)

Thimiru is another action thriller of super actor Vishal and in this movie, he plays a role of the student who tries to become a doctor. But there is a secret which he doesn’t want to reveal to others and he tries to focus more on his studies. The movie consists fully great action sequences Vishal prove himself as the ability to perform action role in this movie which is essential to becoming a superstar in Tamil cinema.


4.Sathyam (2008)

Satyam is a predictable plot which normal Tamil movie contains which action, masala, songs, glamor, romance, and politics.  In this movie, Vishal showed up his fitness physics with breathtaking stunts in sat yam movie. The movie is more about the honest police officer who faced the corrupt Indian politician and achieves this goal.


5. Avan Ivan (2011)

Avan Ivan is a comedy based drama movie which was directed by famous Tamil movie director Bala. The lead role of the movie was performed by Vishal and Arya. In this movie, he shows the classical performance with hilarious comedy scenes.The performance of Vishal Krishna critically acclaimed and he got great recognitions for the performance which he made on this movie.


6. Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014)

Naan Sigappu Manithan is a psychological thriller and this movie The character of Vishal is a person called Indhrian who suffer a rare disorder called narcolepsy. When he feels emotions which reach extreme limit he falls into sleep. There is a great twist in this movie and the movie is one of the great movies of Vishal’s cinema journey.


7. Aambala (2015 )

Ambala is a masala type movie which was directed by Sundar.C. In this movie Vishal perform as a con artist and the movie contain a great sense of humor all over the movie. It is really essential to have the ability to perform comedy role to become a superstar in South Indian Tamil movies and Vishal got this talent very well.


8. Paayum Puli (2015)

Paayum Puli (2015) is another great action thriller based on great thrilling and action sequence. The movie got a great story. In this movie Vishal Krishna perform a character of a Police officer who try to eliminate the crimes on his area and later he found out that the main reasons of the criminal activites are caused by his brother. Paayum Puli is a great movie of Vishal proves that he is one of the great actor in Tamil cinema.


9. Marudhu (2016)

Vishal is one of the highly talented actors who got the great qualifications to become next superstar in Tamil cinema. Marudu is another great example for his village-based action sequence. In this movie, he performs very aggressive performance and he always fights for justice.


10. Kaththi Sandai (2016)

Kaththi Sandai is a Tamil masala movie which was directed by Suraj. Even though the movie was not great at criticizing the performance of Vishal got a great impact on this movie. The movie also contains tedious action sequences and the great comedies of Vadivelu and Soori .

Apart from the mentioned movies Vishal has performed several other Tamil movie which was huge success in commercially such as Thaamirabharani (2007) , Malaikottai 2007, Sathyam 2008, Salute 2008, Thoranai 2009, Pistha 2009, Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai 2010, Vedi 2011, Samar 2013, Pattathu Yaanai 2013, Pandiya Naadu 2013, Pooja 2014 Vasudevan, Paayum Puli 2015, Kathakali 2016, Kaththi Sandai 2016.