The 10 Best Tamil Horror Movie of the 21st Century

In this post, we are planning to deliver the best Tamil horror movie of Tamil Cinema (Kollywood)  of the recent decade. There is a new trend in Kollywood that producing horror themed movies because of its success. It is extremely difficult to create a horror movie that scared out everyone and there are several best Tamil movies under this genre which make you scare a lot. Following are several great movie examples of best Tamil horror movies which created out in recent past.

The 10 Best Tamil Horror Movie List

1. Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014)

Yaamirukka Bayamey (2014)

Yaamirukka Bayamey was a great Tamil horror movie with the combination of great humor too. The movie is all about the haunted house which occurs series of unusual incidents. There is a great twist in this movie and sometimes you can’t even recognize is this movie is a horror movie or comedy movie.Yaamirukka Bayamey is a great Tamil movie flick with the great combination of horror with humor.


2. Pizza (2012)

Pizza (2012)

Pizza movie is one of the great horror thrillers which contain great thrilling experiences. The movie was directed by famous Tamil movie director Karthik Subbaraj and Vijay Sethupathi performed the lead role in this movie. The movie is about the life of Pizza delivery boy who met strange incident while he enters the strange home. The story finally got unexpected twist which is mindblowing. This movie creates a luck for Vijay Sethupathi to become a notable actor in Tamil cinema.


3. Yavarum Nalam(13B)

Yavarum Nalam(13B)

Yavarum Nalam(13B) is one of the great Tamil horror movies which stars by Madhavan in lead role. The movie is about a happy family who shifts into a new apartment named 13B.  They watched a TV series in their home and they lately knew that the characters and incidents in this tv series are much related to their life. This movie is one of the great Tamil horror movies under this genre.


4. Demonte Colony (2015)

Demonte Colony (2015)

Demonte Colony (2015) is another great horror movie which based on the incident in a haunted house. The movie was directed by  Ajay Gnanamuthu and the lead roles were performed by Arulnidhi, Ramesh Thilak, and Samanth.The movie is about three friends decide to do thrilling work and they decide to visit a Haunted Mansion in Chennai City. After they visit this mansion there are very strange things happens to them. This is one of the great horrifying Tamil horror movie which created in recent past.


5. Maya (2015)

Maya (2015)

Maya is another great Tamil horror flick which was directed by Ashwin Saravanan and the lead role of this movie was performed by Nayanthara. The movie contains great horror movie story and the movie is based on the theme of a haunted ghost. The end of this movie got the great mindblowing twist and Nayanthara’s performance is exceptional level in this movie.


6. Eeram (2009)

Eeram (2009)

Eeram is another great horror themed revenge movie which directed by Arivazhagan Venkatachalam. The movie was based on the revenge of ghost which takes revenge by the medium of water. The movie is about a woman got murdered in the Apartment and unexpectedly her ex-boyfriend goes to find the mystery behind this murder. Strange things happened and several people in the same apartment die very strangely. The movie is more about a crime thriller based on horror themed inspired.


7. Pisasu (2014)

Pisasu (2014)

Pisasu is one of a great Tamil horror movie which based on the haunted ghost. The movie is a young violinist who experiences paranormal incidents in this flat. The ghost it a girl who died in that flat and she try to save him from the accident. Later he finds out who is the responsible for the murder of this girl.


8. Pizza 2: The Villa (2014)

Pizza 2: The Villa (2014)

Pizza 2: The Villa is a great mind blowing horror flick in Tamil cinema. The movie is about a haunted house which got the owner of this home has the vision of future. Most of the house owner who owned this house meat tragic incident and they note it for future reference for a different medium. Pizza 2: The Villa got great mind-blowing thriller which made huge success.



The movie is from the original Malayalam movie called  Manichitrathazhu (1993). The movie is about a newlywed couple start their life in their own ancient palace and it’s believed that this place his haunted by the spirit of female dance who killed by an ancestor. The movie is more on horror and the psychological disorder of the woman. Even this movie can’t totally say 100% ghost movie but it contains a great sense of horror during the movie.


10. Ra (2014)

Ra (2014)

Ra (2014) is a fantasy horror movie which was directed by Prabhu Yuvaraj. This movie got the strange story.The movie is about a young couple who married recently and they went on their parent home. while they were newly married couple their mother and sister leave that home for them and go outside. in this home, the bird got died very strangely and there was a great mystery behind her death.