The Best 10 Jayam Ravi Movies You Should Watch

Jayam Ravi MoviesJayam Ravi is one of the exceptional Tamil Hero who is much famous for his unique performance style. He is coming from a cinema based family and his father is a veteran movie editor Varalakshmi Mohan and his elder brother is also a well known Tamil movie director Mohan Raja.Compare to other Tamil actors he acts very few movies per year and he much focuses quality over the quantity.  Another advantage of Jayam Ravi Movies is he perfome diversified characters in his movies. Following are several memorable Jayam Ravi Movies of Tamil cinema.


The best 10 Jayam Ravi movies of his cinema career

1. Jayam (2003)

Jayam (2003) is the first successful movie of the Jayam Ravi cinema career and from this movie, he enters into the Tamil cinema. The movie is a romantic movie which normally having villains and saves the heroine from the villain.The movie became a huge hit and the movie makes him notable on Tamil cinema. Sadha acted with this Movie with Jayam Ravi and the movie is one of the successful romantic movies of the year.

2. M. Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi (2004)

M. Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi is also a super hit movie just after his first Tamil movie called Jayam. For this movie, he won Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor. He proves in this movie that he can perform very well with other leading actors in Tamil cinema. The plot of the M. Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi is based on the relationship with his mother and father and the movie is also much focused as a sports movie based on Boxing.

3. Deepavali (2007)

Deepavali (2007) is also another iconic movie of Jayam Ravi cinema career. The plot of the movie is much based on the romance of the young girl who suffers an amnesia. She falls in love with a young boy and suddenly she forgets the immediate past and forgets his boyfriend too. The movie is really a great love story with Tamil masala element. The performance of Jayam Ravi in this movie is really exceptional.

4. Santosh Subramaniam (2008)

Santosh Subramaniam is also a Tamil romantic comedy movie and in this movie, Jayam Ravi acted with Genelia D’Souza.The Jayam Ravi Movies also contains great love story with entertainment element and also a happy ending. Jayam Ravi is much bound to the romantic performance in the beginning of his cinema career and this movie is also another great example for his romantic performances.

5. Peranmai (2009)

Peranmai creates a break for his cinema life and in this movie he performed as a fighter who got great intelligent and survival tactic. The movie also a super hit and he proves that his ability to perform action scene in this movie.This movie also creates a different action experience for Tamil cinema fans. Unlike traditional Tamil movies, there is no such glamor science, Items songs or romantic science involved in this movie.

6. Engeyum Kadhal (2011)

Engeyum Kadhal is a different kind of a romantic movie which performed by this stunning performer.The most of the movie is set on europe and the movie is about a young billionarie who do not have faith in love and He made on a relationship whith a girl how truly belive in love and she is much attaced to Indian culture.

7. Aadhi Bhagavan (2013)

Aadhi Bhagavan is kind of a neo-noir action film which stars Jayam Ravi and Neetu Chandra. The movie is special to Jayam Ravi cinema career and in this movie, he performed as a double acting one a positive one and another is a negative villain character.

8. Romeo Juliet (2015)

Romeo Juliet is also another successful Tamil Romantic Movie of Jayam Ravi. In this movie, he acted opposite with Hansika Motwani. The Both of them acted several movies together and most of the movies become successful. ThisJayam Ravi Movies also about a romantic relationship with comedy sense.In this movie a Hansika Motwani think that Jayam Ravi is a rich man and later she realize that he is just a ordinary gym instructor so she leave him and get together with anothr rich man.

9. Thani Oruvan (2015)

Thani Oruvan is the most successful Jayam Ravi Movies of his career and the movie becomes huge hit in Tamil cinema. The performance of Jayam Ravi in this movie is really exceptional level and he won several awards such as  Edison Award for Best Actor, IIFA Utsavam Award for Best Actor, SIIMA Awards for Best Actor (Critics), Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor for his performance in this movie.

10. Miruthan (2016)

Miruthan is the first science fiction-zombie thriller film in tamil cinema and in this movie Jayaym Ravi and Lakshmi Menon perfom lead role.The movie is enrich with thrilling perfomance of Jayam Ravi and the plot of the movie flows very well.

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